Unlimited HOSTING?
Unlimited DISK SPACE?


Unlimited Hosting, Unlimited Disk Space

As of 2017, the biggest desktop grade hard drive is 8-12TB and the largest enterprise grade drive (they are called SAS drives) is 1.8TB. The enterprise grade drives are expensive, about 10 – 20 times more expensive per unit space when compared to the desktop drives. ROBTEC Hosting only utilises enterprise grade drives to power its web hosting service. Using the cheaper SATA drives for desktop would cut down on costs, however it would sacrifice performance and reliability.

What would you prefer: hundreds of gigs of slow space you don’t really need anyway, or the space you need at high reliability and speed?

Some web hosts offer unlimited space as part of their web hosting packages. Given the facts above, one should wonder. Read the fine prints, the terms and conditions of the hosting service. You will often find the mention of “inodes”. In a unix/linux system, each file uses one inode, so essentially a limit on the number of inodes means a limit on the number of files that you can have. Normally hosts that offer unlimited space will impose a limit on the number of files you can have.

ROBTEC Hosting do not believe in using such tactics to lure our customers in. We believe in building a long term relationship with our customers and allow them to grow and prosper with their sites. We have customers whose accounts legitimately have over one million files who have been happily using our service for years.

Web hosting servers are not to be confused with “online storage” for which there are plenty of cost effective solutions out there. They are cost effective because performance is not as critical as it is when your website is being served to your clients. Ask yourself the question, does your website really require terabytes of data which most likely ends up not being utilised or do you prefer your web content to be served at the fastest possible speed when accessed?

The disk space limits that we place on our hosting plans are reasonably large, and we believe that it will be far more than enough for the largest of sites. We offer more space for the bigger plans because we allow them to host more web sites within the one plan. Read more about our Hosting feature.